Distance Graphic Recording!

on Tuesday, 08 October 2013. Posted in Learning 2013 Blog

I love Graphic Recording.  An artist/recorder listens to a speech and draws a graphical representation of key points and themes.  This year at Learning 2013, we will have a Real-Tme Graphic Recording done by an artist that is listening/watching from the West Coast - creating a detailed graphic representation - which will be displayed during the session - and sometimes even available live to participants on their mobile devices.  Afterwards, these will be shared openly - as one "curation" of the event. 

We are pleased to have Rachel Smith as our artist.  She did a capture of a session that I did online for Educause months ago and I was really impressed.  Here is a sample:

 01 Day One Page 1

We are excited to experiment with a "distributed" model - with a recorder on the West Coast and the event in Orlando - and real time digital sharing with the participant audience.    We will also experiment when, how and if to project this at our General Sessions - to add value without distraction.  Stay tuned!