Shadow Fight 3 Tips & Guide 2018

Welcome to the Shadow world, where three factions are fighting to get the ultimate power of this world, the Shadow energy. Shadow Fight 3 have been developed by Game Company name Nekki which is one of the second largest game developer of Russia.  If you are playing this game then you know already that game progress depends on countless up-gradation. Even if you are not buying cards and gems with money, your opponents are buying and this cost you many duel and fight in the game.

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game interface

Game Introduction and Your Avatar

When game starts, the first thing you have to choose is your game avatar.

  • You can choose from being male or a female and then you can customize your looks.
  • Choose between face type, hair and even hair colors, they have extensive category form where you have 8 options to choose from. You will be enticed by the music of Shadow Fight 3, if you want to turn it off, you can do it form the top left corner of the screen.
  • Player can be chosen from any faction, after that it will be training session.
  • Here you will meet your new training friends name Gizmo and Serge, who will train you all the basic moves and make you ready for the real battle.

Shadow Fight 3 Tips & Guide 2018

Tip 1: Practice and Practice

No matter how much money you spend to upgrade your inventory, you will lose your duel until you have practice your all moves. You should give enough time to familiarize yourself with the weapons and skills. Do not straight away delve deep into the story line to prove you are hero. Each weapon has its own advantage and disadvantage which you must find out before going for war.

You need to practice many time with training partner Gizmo to acquire the require skill set and you need to play few duels to get some level up for your main character which will allow you to earn upgraded gear.

Tip 2: Learn Combos with your weapon

One thing which you have to learn by heart is to learn combos with your weapon. Combo moves are extremely crucial for getting victory in duel fight. You have to learn special moves which can be practice with your current weapon when they are equipped.

You have to equip an ability to get special moves to your weapon or gear. These special moves you can get from corresponding cards for an item. Always look for the special abilities which will pop up during the battle. Here is list of combos you must know if you are going for war.

shadow fight 3 combo

Tip 3: Time Your Special Attacks

Do not play haste in the duel, it is an art to fight not recklessly unleashing your power to the opponent. If you want to use combo move on duel match, just wait for the right time when you will unleash your special attacks. Watch out for the time when your opponent has just finish his move, that is the best time you can use your combo, as your opponent guard will be down at that movement.

Tip 4: Use Your Shadow Energy

I have seen many players how are very hesitant to use their shadow energy in a duel match, they are saving their shadow energy for the next war. Don’t be miser, use your shadow energy whenever you find better position to use that one. If you don’t want use it on round 1, no problem in that just stand back from your opponent.

shadow energy

Tip 5: Stand Still to Block the enemy attack

This is for new players, if you want to stay long in the fight, just practice to block your opponent attack. You can do that by stand still on your spot, in this way you will be in better position to look on his attack and give a counter blow.

Tip 6: Be Unpredictable to the enemy

The best advice to stay on top is to become unpredictable to the enemy. Well we all try to calculate the next move of the opponent, same goes for you also. If you are repeating your combos, your opponent will predict your next move and will give you head hit.

 Tip7: Upgrade Your Gear

Do not wait for some big thing to happen, get your gear upgrade whenever you find time and opportunity. Try every possible opportunity to gain cards like watch ads, going for duel when every you find time. Your success depends on the gear and weapon you use and more upgraded weapon means an easy victory. If you find It frustrated to get those gems for upgrading your gear and weapon, you can visit our website for unlimited gems.

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Happy gaming!!

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